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Basin Faucet

It is made to the highest standard, combining advanced manufacturing technique, attractive appearance as well as perfect details. Meanwhile, this sink faucet is engineered in various styles and suited to diversified bathroom fittings, providing you cozy sanitary environment.

Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen faucet is designed in classic or modern style via combining user demands. We adopt superior raw materials and state-of-the-art craftsmanship for production. This kitchen sink faucet complies with ergonomic theory and offers you usage comfort. It can be wall or basin mounted, coming with either single handle or double handles.

Bathtub & Shower Faucet

According to general demands of customers, our bathtub faucet can be wall-mounted or flush mounted. The main body of the shower tap is made from brass via casting, and the surface is coated with chrome, making the whole product bright and sparkling. Meanwhile, the entire structure is stout and robust, and thereby you can feel safe during application.

Fast on Faucet

We make use of top-grade materials and up-to-date craftsmanship for production, and thereby this fast open faucet comes with artistic looks and high durability.
The fast on faucet is designed in classic style, making your bathroom or dressing room full of elegance and classic beauty.

Sensor Faucet

Stylish looks, unique contour, and simple installation mode make the sensor faucet a scientific and humanized best-selling. This automatic faucet is designed with fluent and concise lines and configured with AC power box. It comes with single spout for cold water only or double spouts for hot and cold water, meeting different usage demands.

Shower Column
Shower Column

The OUTAI shower column is devised combining user needs. It can be wall mounted, fit for traditional bathrooms or bathtubs in shower rooms. Meanwhile, both hand held shower head and overhead shower head are available by fast switch, allowing you to enjoy a delightful shower.

Shower Slide Bar
Shower Slide Bar

As one of showering components, our shower slide bar is manufactured from high-quality raw materials via delicate production techniques. It is elegant and durable, and you doní»t need to compromise between fashion and comfort any more.

Toilet Cistern
Toilet Cistern

OUTAI makes use of superior ABS, and PP plastic steel materials to produce the toilet cistern. The finished toilet tank features high strength, long lifespan, attractive appearance, unique ceramic white color, mute function and environmental protection.

Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories

These bathroom fittings do not contain heavy metal elements, healthy and eco-friendly. Meanwhile, they have passed rigorous 24-hour acid salt spray test, highly resistant to corrosion and scratch. In virtue of fine luster, rich color and natural sleekness, our bathroom hangs are well praised by global customers.

Ceramic Bathroom Products
Ceramic Basin

Extraordinary washdown performance is water saving and economic. The ceramic closestool only needs 4.8L water to achieve remarkable washdown effect.
The bathroom fitting provides stable and high-speed water flow, and allows for good washing out and sewage disposal effects, perfect for home and commercial use.

Ceramic Toilet

OUTAI is always in the pursuit of quality excellence in the course of providing the ceramic basin of different sizes. Compromising between simplicity and luxury, this bathroom basin embodies infinite wisdom and elegant art taste. The entire design is rational, life-based and human-oriented, making life easier and better.

Ceramic Squat Pan

The ceramic squat pan comes into existence as a result of meticulous manufacturing craft and distinguished design. Combining state-of-the-art technologies, this squatting pan enables vortex-type washdown, and features bright luster, high smoothness and durability because of high-temperature calcination craft.

Ceramic Urinal

The ceramic urinal comes with one-piece fluent contour, concise design and fine crafts. It adopts high-temperature calcination, the glaze of which is smooth and delicate. The drainage pipe is built-in, thus the entire product is artistic and easy for cleaning.

Ceramic Mop Sink

Edges of this mop tub are designed with round corners, protecting people from injury during handling. Some of our products are configured with faucet mounting hole, convenient for faucet installation. Thickened ceramic wall can stand up to high impact, and humanized design effectively avoids water splashes.

Bathroom Cabinet
Bathroom Cabinet

On the other hand, our bathroom cabinet comes with double basins for usage convenience, and humanized washboard-like design allows for 360-degree clothes washing. As the glazing surface is thick, the basin is scratch-proof. Circular chamfering craft largely reduces safety hazard, making the ceramic basin attractive and secure.

Bathroom Fitting
Angle Valve

It effectively prevents against medium blockage by virtue of scouring action of the medium, thus self-cleaning performance is better.
In the meantime, this bathroom hardware features small flow resistance, the flow coefficient of which is larger than that of single seated valve and is equal to that of double seated valve.

Flush Valve

Great attention is paid to details during each production procedure, and this water supply valve with delicate design is specially engineered to cater for the use needs of public environment.
The toilet flush valve adopts refined copper material and copper valve element which enables self closing for fear of time delay during application.

Floor Drain

The floor drain is a must-have for each family. It is buried under the floor and is an important connector between drainage pipeline and indoor floor. A qualified floor drainage product is beneficial to bathroom smell control and also to improvement of indoor air quality.

Shower Hose

It boasts excellent flexibility and high resistance to explosion, corrosion, as well as high and low temperature. Generally, this shower pipe is coupled with angle valve and faucet, integrating aesthetics and practicability. Meanwhile, it is simply designed and easy for installation.


Our bathtub drain is featured by simple, fluent contour, fine manufacturing crafts, high-quality materials and perfect detailing. It completely combines aesthetics and practicability, easy for installation.
To choose a better drainer, you should first be clear about whether there is an overflow port at the bathtub or wash basin.

Hand Shower

The hand shower enables 360-degree rotation by adopting special technology. You can freely switch between different water flow modes like the rain mode, ejecting mode, mist mode, the storm mode, etc. Thus, this hand held shower can satisfy different showering demands.

Toilet Seat

This bathroom fitting is specially designed in strict accordance with toilet structure. It enables slow, mute and reliable descent, maximally protecting the toilet body from violent impact. Meanwhile, our toilet seat is bright, durable and antifouling.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The stainless steel kitchen sink is manufactured from superior stainless steel plate, free from heavy metals. Humanized anti-overflow edge and water retaining sides effectively avoid water splashes and side leakage, easy for cleaning. The kitchen basin is securely fixed by fastening buckles for safe operation.

Shower Room
Shower Room

This shower cubicle incorporates high-quality aluminum material and automobile-grade tempered glass to ensure usage safety. Meanwhile, the glass comes with excellent heat stability, and can bear huge temperature difference that is 3 times larger than common glass.


It integrates elements like comfort, individualism, taste and fashion, capable of water flow massage for different parts of human body. This bathroom tub can be configured with diversified spray nozzles to realize all-around or combined massage, helping you to relieve stress and arouse a sense of joy.

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