Qualification examination
The headquarters of Aotai evaluates and reviews the franchise matters
Franchise application
Fill in the franchise application form
Contact the regional manager for franchise matters
Sign a contract
Contract signing
store decoration
The storefront should be designed by the headquarters and decorated according to VI
Consulting and joining
Proposed opening plan
Product sample, staff training, store operation plan
Soft Opening
Begin operations
Organizational support
Organization before sales volume - organization must be first, and organization can guarantee sales volume Gradually improve the organization - first complete the business, and then do a good job in value-added Strong promotion of the headquarters - asking for management, guidance and training
There are five large-scale unified promotion activities throughout the year, with special price support for anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, group purchase alliance, engineering, home decoration, etc
Special offer support
Training support
Invite well-known marketing consultants in the industry for practical training. There are systematic, explosive and daily point-to-point training in product knowledge, sales skills, store management, promotion activities, residential decoration, engineering development, after-sales service, customer relationship maintenance, etc.
Advertising support
Terminal support
Policy support
Channel support
Strategic and promotional two swords, strategic products, profit-making products, image products, flagship products, flexible collocation, the company's annual product line innovation, to ensure the profits of dealers and brand image.
The company supports professional and tailor-made store VI and Si schemes, and has specialists to track and guide the decoration, and provides high decoration subsidy fees, so as to reduce the financial pressure of dealers and ensure the channel image competitiveness.
Brand image spokesperson, CCTV 1 sets, 2 sets, 7 sets, 12 sets, 15 sets, popular local TV, China tiktok, Asia Pacific media, kitchen and toilet information, plumbing channel, Xiamen Airlines media, WeChat micro-blog, jitter and other media, strategic cooperation, to brand penetration and depth.
The company provides innovative activity scheme and design, and the dealers give subsidies for production, and some gifts are given free support according to the terminal sales volume.
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