Founded in 1988, Fujian Outai Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized sanitary ware enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company has
Founded in 1988, Fujian Outai Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized sanitary ware enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company has independent research and development and production of bathroom cabinet factory, shower room factory, hardware factory, and has ceramic production line in Guangdong, won the "China's top 10 hardware and bathroom brands", was listed in the "national green top 100 brands", and won the title of "Olympic Bird's nest construction supplier" during the 2008 Olympic Games It is widely recognized that there are thousands of domestic sales outlets in various provinces, and branches and sales offices have been set up in Mauritius, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Sri Lanka and other places. Outai bathroom products cover faucets, flushing valves, shower, electronic induction sanitary ware, sanitary ceramics, bathroom pendant, stainless steel basin, shower room, bathroom cabinet, etc., is a healthy development of a full range of integrated bathroom brand.
    Outai has always advocated pragmatism, not blindly and blindly. The core value of bathroom products lies in its own practical value. From the beginning of the establishment of the brand, Outai bathroom strives to be a brand closest to the heart of consumers from the perspective of consumers, thinking about consumers and understanding each other, More resonance, strive to let more consumers can buy more practical, more humanized products, at the same time, output rational consumption concept, guide consumers to establish correct values, enjoy and feel the comfort and beauty of the whole body in the fashionable and healthy Outai bathroom space.

sense of worth

Self achievementvision

Brand positioning

Core advertising language

Creating value

Self achievement

Let more consumers

It's more affordable and more satisfying

More humanized products

People friendly bathroom brand

Good housekeeping

I'll choose outai


Ma Yili, a well-known domestic artist, acts as the spokesperson of the brand image

Upgrade enterprise VI system again


The terminal si4.0 was officially debugged and started, the brand was repositioned and the VI system was optimized

At the same time, it puts forward the idea of people-friendly consumption

The brand will be upgraded in an all-round way, and the measures of "changing situation and layout" will be put forward to carry out all-round reform

It won the title of "national top 100 green brands" in the same period

The terminal Si is upgraded to the third generation, and the self-designed products such as "Hejing" and "Yunxiang" have obtained national patents

Won "China's top 10 hardware and bathroom brands" and promoted in CCTV gold channel

The second generation of terminal Si was officially opened, and a bathroom cabinet factory independently developed and produced was established

Hong Kong and Taiwan well-known artist Zeng Baoyi as the image spokesman of Outai

Passed the ISO90001-2000 national quality management system certification

Outai bathroom products were selected into Beijing bird's nest gymnasium and won the title of "Olympic Bird's nest supplier"

Awarded "famous brand" by China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association

Passed "water saving product certification"

Uotai sanitary ware is recognized as "the most competitive famous brand in Chinese market"

Set up a family factory

Ouertai's "housekeeping" micro film
Outai bathroom product technology publicity film
Toilet and toilet intelligent treatment
Installation and super swirling flushing video of high end ceramic toilet in Aotai bathroom
Outai corporate video

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